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Blucash is a unified, secure and intuitive management application designed for virtual money distributors to allow them to facilitate and track interactions with their points of sale and agents. Thanks to the Blucash Client mobile application, transactions between users and customers or points of sales are carried out in complete security.

For more information https://www.blucash.net/about

Because being a content creator has become a revenue-generating activity, Pubshake proposes to provide the platform that allows African creators to increase their revenues by putting them in collaboration with advertisers around the world, but also to provide creators with tools to better interpret and optimize their results.

Pubshake is subdivided into two main modules, one for creators and the other for advertisers and companies, in which we assist companies in their communication with various digital tools from various marketing paradigms.

For more information https://www.pubshake.com

Everything is changing, the old methods are gradually changing to models that embrace digital. Aware of this inevitable evolution, we propose to train Africans to the digital world. Pubshake Studio is an online academy open to all in which digital experts will share their knowledge in an accessible, democratic and cultural space.

For more information https://www.pubshake.studio