What We do

Bring Africa & technology closer

Inspired by Africa

Because culture is the core foundation of all long-term development, we believe it is fundamental to rely on African cultural values to bring out the solutions that will reflect our greatness.

How can we make this world better?

No matter what size or sector your business is in, we are convinced that a touch of digital will allow you to reach even further.

We are fully involved in the optimization and emergence of companies and individuals through the following areas
  • Software development
  • Website & Mobile App development
  • UI/UX Design & branding
  • Graphic & motion design
  • Marketing & Consulting
  • Networking & security
  • Trainings

United despite our diversity

OXCulture is a fundamental part of Openxtech's corporate culture & represents the principles we uphold as employees.

The future is around.

We are aware of the challenges of the future, including intelligent task optimisation. Artificial intelligence & machine learning are our main drivers.

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